Agatos Consultancy and Chemicals B.V. Agatos Consultancy and Chemicals B.V. is an independent company started in 2008. The owner of Agatos is Mr. Lucas M.A.M.Laumans. Mr. Lucas Laumans in the past held various positions in Berol-Beroxo-Bergvik Chemicals Sweden and Akzo-Nobel ( Business Manager DiMethylether and Sulphuric Acid).Three years Sales Director of Akzo-Nobel in Dueren, Germany. He was also Managing Director of PVS Chemicals Europe. He has long time international experience in the chemical industry. (Mainly Europe, USA and Far-East.) Mr. Lucas Laumans is often working for Chemical companies as a WORKING Consultant.

My vision:
In organizations itís all about sincerity, honesty, and trust. From strategic point of view putting the right people on the right spot. Be ahead of the competition with a helicopter view.

Why me:
No nonsense and hands on. Long time experience in change management and management processes. Bringing long term solutions. Team player.

I Am:
A Commercial and pragmatic organizer. Solution seeker with feeling for company cultures. In business I am looking for opportunities which I can finish.

The Agatos office is located in Laren, The Netherlands at
a distance of 34 KM from Amsterdam Schiphol international